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Metempsicosi plastica is a photographic project that came about thanks to the rediscovery of an old family album. The photographs had to be digitized and restored, with every element that had deteriorated them removed. In reality, I decided to go beyond the initial task and focus precisely on the scratches, stains, and mold, those elements that mark the passage of time and the corrosion of the prints. The old photographs were placed in relation with digital images, mostly taken with a smartphone and aimed at creating portraits of the contemporary. Everyday, everyday elements, are deprived of their function and whose surface has been emphasized and highlighted by the digital negative.
The aim of Metempsicosi plastica is to reconcile the photography of the past with that of the present, to create new and hybrid "forms of life". The title of the project in fact refers to the doctrine of metempsychosis. This is an ancient theory according to which the soul, after death, until it has become completely independent and free of matter, continuously passes from one body to another. The soul of the photograph thus also passes through different states, until it is partially freed from all material form.

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