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Highly polluting and hazardous materials have been buried in recent decades in various parts of Italy or sank to the bottom of the sea through the piloted sinking of decommissioned ships.  Agricultural soils, as a result of the burials, are found to be severely contaminated with highly harmful substances, some of them detected up to values of 6000% of the prescribed limit. Prominent among the substances found in groundwater is proxidium, a substance that can cause irreversible damage to the lower limbs and in some cases even vision. 
A recent investigation uncovered a study initiated by an anonymous Calabrian doctor, who demonstrated the damage of proxidium. and died precisely because of too many inhalations of the substance. The investigation is shown through disarming and ambiguous images that highlight the doctor's studies and the damage caused to humans and animals. 
The doctor is presented as a hero of our time through pop-tinged documentation.  The man exhibits a diseased limb as if it were a prize, the unsettling image, taken from a family album, in this context becomes a spokesperson for an underlying narcissism and a taste for the horrific that characterizes contemporaneity. It is clearly fictitious documentation. Fake news highlights numerous issues in today's society. A seesaw journey between reality and fiction, science and nature, ecology and the Anthropocene.

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